If you would like to organize a minisymposium (4-6 talks), please contact Simon Cox (email: with the title and the names of organizers.

Please find below a list of current minisymposia:

Frontiers in Mathematical Mechanical Biology
Organisers: Alain Goriely, Derek Moulton, L. Angela Mihai (contact:

Wiener-Hopf methods and their applications
Organiser: Gennady Mishuris (contact:

Mathematical and numerical modelling in hydraulic fracturing
Organiser: Gennady Mishuris (contact:

Mathematical modelling of biological branching networks
Organiser: Graeme Boswell (contact:

High-order computational techniques and their applications
Organiser: Ruben Sevilla (contact: )

Inverse Problems in Low frequency Electromagnetics
Organisers: P.D. Ledger, Bill Lionheart (contact:

Localised structures in dissipative systems and their applications
Organisers: Jonathan Dawes, David Lloyd  (contact: